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Broccoli Rice Casserole

Broccoli gets a makeover with rice, cheese and sour cream. Warm up a cold winter night with this comfort food, hot from the oven to the table.

Chunky Beef & Vegetable Soup

Filled with Dash™-seasoned beef, healthy vegetables and a savory broth, this heart-warming soup is perfect for lunch.

Caribbean Chicken

Channel island flavors by seasoning with Caribbean Citrus Seasoning Blend, fresh ginger and garlic. It’s an easy way to give an island update to a traditional chicken breast recipe.

Spicy Italian Sauce

Make your own Italian sauce with the help of Dash™ Italian Medley Seasoning Blend. Put it on whole-grain spaghetti or use as a dipping sauce for garlic bread.

Cheesy Nachos

Tortillas? Check. Cheese? Check. Seasoned ground turkey? Perfect. Modern nachos with a dash of Dash™.

Easy Potato Salad

The secret to this simple and satisfying potato salad is Dash™ Garlic & Herb Seasoning Blend. The only thing missing is a big juicy steak or burger.

Cheese Tortellini Brodo

A sophisticated soup made with go-to pantry staples: chicken broth, Parmesan cheese and Dash™ Classic Italian Seasoning Blend. It’s a warm and satisfying meatless meal for any day of the week.

Hearty Hash Browns

Good old-fashioned hash browns just like Grandma used to make are perfect with a side of hot peppers for the adults or ketchup for the kids. Add chopped ham or sausage for a meaty and cheesy masterpiece.

All-American Beef Stew

What better to warm up a chilly day than a delicious bowl of stew? This flavorful stew is made with fresh vegetables, lean beef and Dash™ Garlic & Herb Seasoning Blend.

Sweet Potatoes With Apples

This combination of apples, butter, brown sugar and sweet potatoes will melt in your mouth, while Extra Spicy Seasoning Blend balances out the sweetness.

Grilled Chicken With Baby Bok Choy

Let Dash™ Sweet Teriyaki Marinade inspire you to get adventurous and turn plain chicken into an exotic taste of the Orient. With just three ingredients, dinner will be ready faster than if you ran across town for takeout.

Cherry Tomato and Watermelon Salad

Fresh tomatoes offer a bounty of nutrition benefits. Pair them with cool, juicy watermelon and skip the salt. Sprinkle with Fiesta Lime Seasoning Blend for a south-of-the-border slice of exciting summer flavor.