Resources for Nutrition Professionals

The Dash brand is committed to supporting registered dietitian nutritionists in the valuable work you do to help improve the health of others. As a trusted salt-free seasoning staple for more than 30 years, the Dash brand is dedicated to helping Americans prepare healthy meals that are full of flavor. These toolkits provide research, tips and recipes to help your patients, clients and followers lower their sodium intake while boosting flavor.

5 Unique No-Sauce Pasta Dishes

Instead of adding sauce to your next meal, try one of these five no-sauce pasta dishes that are loaded with flavor and are sure to please your family.

Seasonings: Food Product Profile​

Seasoning blends created from a mixture of different spices are thoughtfully mixed together to bring forth flavors from different cultures, styles of cooking and even simple combinations that enhance the fresh taste of the food you are cooking.