Fish Tacos Recipe

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Buttery Almond Pepper Fish Recipe

Toasted almonds, honey, lemon and pepper work together to season this protein-packed fillet. We suggest serving this up with a side of your favorite greens to create a heart-healthy entree.

Sole Vera Cruz Recipe

Sole Vera Cruz is a delicious way to enjoy your favorite fillet. It’s seasoned with Dash™ and garnished with sliced Spanish olives for a powerful kick.

Fish Chowder Recipe

Following through on your resolve to eat more fish is easier when the meal is deliciously flavored with Lemon Pepper Seasoning Blend. With a bag of frozen mixed vegetables and your favorite white fish, this one-pot meal is easy to make and serve.

Tangy Fish Tacos Recipe

Light, crunchy and colorful fish tacos. Everything about this delicious dish has a south-of-the-border taste and and laid-back simplicity.

Thrillin’ Grilled Fish Tacos Recipe

Take tacos to a whole new level with this flavorful fish taco recipe. Garnish the Dash™-seasoned tacos with minced jalapeño, cabbage and homemade salsa to celebrate the zesty West Coast flavor.

Broiled Citrus Sole Recipe

Dash™ Lemon Pepper Seasoning Blend and orange juice concentrate are key ingredients for broiled citrus sole. Simply bake to let the citrus flavor come to life in fresh fillets.