Image of Easy and Delicious Veggies

Easy and Delicious Veggies

Image of Easy and Delicious Veggies
  • Transform bland and boring vegetables with the flavor of Dash™ seasonings.
  • Vegetables are an important and healthy side dish to include in any meal. Vitamins and nutrients are beneficial for the daily diet, and many of the nutrients the body needs can be found in vegetables. Some people feel that vegetables can be bland and boring. Fortunately, there are countless mixtures of seasonings that blend seamlessly with even the blandest of vegetables and can make any meal full of flavor while also tasting delightful.

    Adding Dash™ Lemon Pepper Seasoning Blend to steamed vegetables is an amazing way to add flavor while avoiding salt. People who are watching their sodium intake will be able to enjoy perfectly seasoned vegetables with this seasoning blend. A small amount goes a long way when seasoning vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower.

    Honey and cinnamon are an excellent way to add a candied taste to vegetables without the addition of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Honey has a variety of benefits, including energy enhancement and the ability to boost the immune system. Honey and cinnamon taste fantastic on carrots and other vegetables that are naturally sweet. Carrots coated with this combination are reminiscent of sweet potatoes and are much easier to make.

    Dash Garlic & Herb Seasoning Blend features a variety of seasonings that can be paired with just about any dish. Salt free and filled with fragrant flavors, Dash provides premixed spices that can be used on plain vegetable, in dips or even sprinkled on veggie sandwiches to give them a little extra kick. Knowing the proper amount of spices to use in dishes is just as important as knowing what types of spices are best. Use bolder flavors sparingly, as it is far easier to add more spices than it is to try to balance the taste after adding too much. With Dash, the perfect blend is already created in each bottle.

    Finally, keeping spice combinations simple always makes things easier and more convenient. Each Dash seasoning blend offers an effortless and delicious solution that adds the perfect amount of flavor to any vegetable, no matter how it is cooked.

    There are so many ways that vegetables can be spiced and seasoned; it’s hard to go wrong. Make sure to keep your spice rack fully stocked with Dash seasoning blends and become familiar with a variety of spices to find your own unique flavor combinations and make your next meal a hit.