Image of How To Rock A Week Of Meals With Dash

How To Rock A Week Of Meals With Dash

Image of How To Rock A Week Of Meals With Dash
  • Seven ideas to create a full week’s worth of meals that are sure to please everyone in the family.
  • With kids, careers, household responsibilities and other duties, it’s difficult for many men and women to find the time to create a week’s worth of delicious meals for the family. Many people who are short on time find that using Dash™ seasoning blends, marinades and seasoning packets is a great way to create a tasty meal for the family quickly, easily and inexpensively. These seven ideas create a full week’s worth of meals that are sure to please everyone in the family.


    When the weather outside is cooler, chili is a great meal that’s easy to prepare. Many parents love making chili because it is so simple, especially with the help of a slow cooker. Instead of trying to find the perfect mix of seasonings, try Dash Chili Seasoning Mix to make this recipe more convenient than ever. Simply add kidney beans, diced tomatoes, ground beef or turkey, and seasonings to a slow cooker, then simmer and enjoy this hearty and filling meal.


    A beef roast is a wonderful family meal if it is cooked properly and seasoned perfectly. Take the guesswork out of adding the right spices with a coating of Dash Original Blend applied directly to the top of the roast. Allow the seasoning blend to penetrate the meat during the cooking process. The result is a juicy, tender and amazingly seasoned cut of meat.


    Taco meat just isn’t the same without the bold and spicy flavor that this Mexican dish is known for. Instead of worrying about making tacos too spicy or too bland, use Dash Taco Seasoning Mix to get the right amount of spice without the hassle. Combine the seasoning with cooked ground beef, chicken or pork to add a spicy kick to this delicious meal.


    For another Mexican-themed meal, Dash Fajita Seasoning Mix makes fajitas taste fantastic. Don’t forget to add the seasoning in with peppers, onions, chicken, seafood, steak and other ingredients, and enjoy an authentic-tasting Mexican meal in no time.


    Plain old chicken breast can get boring and repetitive, but when Dash Lemon Pepper Marinade is added, this meal can quickly become a family favorite. Marinades are available in a variety of different flavors, including lemon pepper, lime garlic, and onion and herb.


    Burgers are great plain, but you can make them even better with Dash Hamburger Grilling Blend. Specialty mixes made just for hamburgers can be combined with ground beef before cooking. This adds the perfect amount of flavor each and every time.


    Instead of beef stew from a can, make it right at home in your slow cooker using meat, fresh veggies and Dash Beef Stew Seasoning Mix to add delicious flavor to this hearty meal.