Dressing & Dips

You can call 'em garbanzo beans or chickpeas, but make sure to add "tasty" and "fun" while you're at it. Mrs. Dash® Lemon Pepper Seasoning Blend features in this fun side.

Put aside the usual pickle relish this August and instead try this healthy, tangy salsa made with corn, mango, lime and cilantro, which can be used on burgers, on tortilla chips, or as a side dish.

Put aside the store bought marinara and try this quick homemade recipe instead. Chopped onion, mushrooms and stewed tomatoes are flavored with Mrs. Dash® Italian Medley Seasoning Blend for an authentic Italian taste.

Add flavor to your favorite fish fillet or steamed veggies with this Mrs. Dash® Mediterranean Butter recipe.

Game day isn’t complete without bean dip and tortilla chips. This layered spread has a hot kick to it thanks to Mrs. Dash® Extra Spicy Seasoning Blend.

Serve this tasty Italian favorite before your main course. Infuse olive oil with your favorite Mrs. Dash® seasoning blend and enjoy with a fresh loaf of Italian bread.

Whether you use it as a sauce, spread or gravy this savory recipe is sure to be a hit at your next get-together. The fresh mushrooms truly accent the Worcestershire sauce and Mrs. Dash® Minced Onion Medley Seasoning Blend.

Dip your favorite fresh veggies in this tasty Mrs. Dash® sauce. Paprika and lemon pepper seasoning are the perfect blend of spices to complement to this creamy and bold dip.

Whether you serve with warm tortilla chips or atop your favorite Mexican dish, we are sure you’ll love this recipe. Quick, easy and full of flavor thanks to Mrs. Dash® and an array of fresh veggies.

Silky texture and garlic enhanced aroma make for a satay sauce that’s hard to beat. This truly is your go to appetizer option.


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